Congratulations - 40 Northern Lights

Extraordinary men and women who have made a difference to the growth and development of Lakehead University

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Many people have contributed to Lakehead University's success since it was established in 1965. To help celebrate our 40th Anniversary, Lakehead issued a call for the public to submit nominations for 40 Northern Lights: forty extraordinary men and women who have made a difference to the growth and development of Lakehead. All nominations received by July 1, 2005, were reviewed by the Internal Relations Committee of Lakehead University. The final selection was made by a group comprising representatives from staff, faculty, LUSU, the Board of Governors, the Alumni Association, the Office of Development, the Office of Communications, and the Administrative Executive Committee (AEC).

This list does not downplay the contributions of many others who have given their time, expertise, money, and influence to help Lakehead University in extraordinary ways. Rather, the individuals who have been identified here by people in the University and the community at large are deemed to have made a singular mark on the evolution of Lakehead University. On Lakehead's 40th Anniversary, we are proud to salute these extraordinary individuals.

* Alumna/Alumnus

History of Lakehead University

Lakehead University evolved from the Lakehead Technical Institute which was established on June 4, 1946, by an Order-in-Council of the Province of Ontario. Classes commenced in January 1948, in temporary rented quarters in downtown Port Arthur. In September, the first university courses were added to the curriculum. The Lakehead College of Arts, Science and Technology was established by an Act of the Ontario Legislature assented to on March 28, 1956, and proclaimed on August 1, 1957. The governance and the control of Lakehead Technical Institute were transferred to the Board of Governors of Lakehead College. The present University site, donated by the City of Port Arthur, was occupied on October 2, 1957.

Second-year Arts courses were added in 1960-61, and on March 3, 1962, the original Lakehead College of Arts, Science and Technology Act was amended to give the College "university powers" to establish faculties, and "to confer university degrees" in Arts and Science. The first degrees in Arts and Science were granted on May 5, 1965. The Lakehead University Act, 1965, was given royal assent by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario on June 22, 1965, and came into force on July 1, 1965. The Lakehead College of Arts, Science and Technology, thereafter known as "Lakehead University," was continued under this new charter.